Be Sure to Hire the Right Plumber for the Job

It may be the most overused tag line in all of advertising history: “No Job Too Big Or Small.” You see it in ads for painters, roofers, carpenters, and of course, plumbers. And I’m writing today to tell you to watch out whenever you see those words.

Often, they are used by smaller companies looking for small jobs. In the case of plumbers, the firms using that line are often trying to pick up work like leaking faucets, dishwasher replacements, or snaking out clogged toilets. You may think that by hiring them you’ll be saving money—but beware!

We were recently called in to an apartment building where a number of units on the fourth floor had tubs and sinks that were not draining properly. Luckily, the manager was experienced enough to realize this might need a more complicated fix than just snaking out the waste line, and called Varsity. Turns out he was right.

Our technician visited all of the affected apartments and discovered something very strange: half of the fourth floor—yes the floor itself—had been built incorrectly! Instead of being level, the floor was slightly pitched, making it virtually impossible for the tubs and sinks to drain properly. The building was relatively new, and the waste lines and fittings worked for a while, but when they got blocked up just the slightest bit, the waste water would no longer drain.

We diagnosed the situation, and came up with a remedy—we raised the floor in all of the affected bathrooms four inches, then pitched and connected the waste lines and fittings properly, so that gravity could do its job.

In another situation we were called in to replace a toilet and unclog a waste line. When we got there we saw that the actual toilet bowl had exploded! When we asked the homeowner what happened, she told us that she had a clogged toilet which she could not clear with a plunger. She looked online and called (you guessed it) a “No Job Too Big Or Small” outfit, who sent a serviceman over with a heavy-duty electric snake.

Instead of asking the right questions, and walking through the house to determine how the problem occurred and how best to move forward, he forced the snake down the toilet bowl and started spinning it. Well, that snake went right out the waste line, took a right turn and went into the second bathroom. It came up through the waste line and broke right through the toilet bowl!

Luckily, this homeowner got our name from a friend who had just used Varsity to replace an old toilet and was happy with the work we did. After replacing the broken toilet, we went down to the basement, traced the waste line, and found a clean-out trap up above the dropped ceiling. We drained the waste line, cleared the blockage and repaired the problem.

All of our technicians are trained to analyze every situation and to make sure they have a full plan of attack—from start to finish—before they begin a job. We take the time to train our plumbers on an ongoing basis, whether it is for new local governmental rules and regulations or continuing education.

So the next time you need plumbing work, don’t fall prey to an advertising catch line.  Choose a firm that has been around for many years, has a solid reputation for doing good work, and makes sure their customers are satisfied. Check to see if they are licensed to do the work you need, and have technicians who are drug tested, bonded, and trained to leave your place just as clean as when they arrived.

Or just call Varsity at 877-VARSITY, and feel confident that we will solve your problem quickly, do a good job, and charge a fair price.

Varsity will always leave your home looking as good as when we arrived, and will be sure the problem is completely repaired.

Varsity will always leave your home looking as good as when we arrived, and will be sure the problem is completely repaired.






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